At Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate, we have created a company that is built upon a set of core values. The core values guide the decisions that are made across the company, and this is part of what makes the culture at BHGRE different. According to Sherry Chris, president and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC, “In a value-based company, you live, breathe and follow your core values each and every day with every action you take. The key to building a value-based company is to identify those core values early on. We intuitively knew when we launched that we wanted to start with a certain set of core values to help us keep on the right track. That’s why we use PAIGE to guide our decisions.”

PAIGE represents the core values of Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate that we live by each and every day. It starts with Passion. Our passionate and engaging nature helps us inspire our clients.Once we’ve inspired a higher level of passion and energy in the home buying and selling process with our clients, we need to make sure that we are Authentic and Innovative in our approach to servicing their needs.

This authenticity and innovation is what helps the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate brand Grow and attract others who share in the values of our company as we strive for Excellence on a day-to-day basis.