Lisa Purdy

With over 15 years of experience in the customer service industry handling large company contracts, Lisa excels in areas of communication, problem solving and negotiations while meeting tight deadlines.  She prides herself on exceptional work ethic, and her desire to help others fuels her promise of top level service to all of her clients.

In her personal life, she is an Education Program Assistant at a elementary school, working with children with disabilities or  with those requiring extra care and assistance.  She is a wife and a mother to a beautiful daughter, and furbabies of 2 Ragdolls cats and a Boston Terrier.  Being a wife, mother and EPA have taught her patience, and how to take the time to listen and resolve issues in a suiting and effective way.  

Her honesty,  attention to detail, compassion and engaging personality are evident through her client interactions. Promoting and protecting her clients' best interests are always her top priority.

Having been born, raised and setting permanent roots in Beaverbank, her area knowledge of the community and surrounding neighbourhoods of Lower, Middle and Upper Sackville make her an incredible resource for those looking to plant their own roots.

Connect with Lisa today to begin your journey home!